RO Customer Testimonials

Just ordered and got an e-mail from them. I placed two orders online at separate times. They are going to combine them and save me some cash. Thanks!
  Mark W. 08/27/13
Thank you for this information and I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future. I recently found your Website and I have to admit, I’m impressed with the products you offer, your prices, and your customer service. All are top notch and certainly a breath of fresh air in a market flooded with vendors who are primarily looking just to make a quick buck.
  Mark H. 06/03/13
Received the package today. You guys have great prices and greater service... I'll be recommending you to all my buddies.
  Haris E. 11/16/12
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You saved the day with your fast actions and good correct information. Then you followed up with a phone call to make sure everything went okay. Very PROFESSIONAL! Again, Thank You Sir!
  Robert R. 11/15/12
I called to see if the WMD Bolt Carrier Group was in stock, left a message per the recording, and was amazed that Mark called me back within minutes! Great service and reasonable prices and shipping via USPS. Thank you Mark!
  Jim S. 11/09/12
Mark, Thanks for your prompt and helpful service!
  John B. 10/08/12
I just received my WMD NiB bolt carrier group that I ordered this last Thursday night, and I have to say I am impressed! Not just with the product itself but the speedy time in which I received it. I was especially impressed with the fact that when I called late on Thursday night to inquire about the product, I actually spoke with someone! I have been in the military for 27 years and a combat veteran and I an avid shooter so I am always ordering products and accessories. is now on the top of my list of places to order from! Thank you!
  James R. 09/10/12
Service was great – very knowledgeable, offered great alternatives. Not afraid to admit needed to refresh memory and then came back with great info. Very polite and courteous-would definitely buy again and recommend. Thanks for the great service!
  Tony W. 08/16/12
Thanks! Mark, you guys have been incredibly helpful! We love your above and beyond approach to customer service. You have really spoiled us. If a hand written letter of recommendation would help, just zap me an address to mail it to. We think of you guys first when we need something specific or special. Just thanks for everything!
  Sarah N. 06/26/12
I ordered an AR-15 pistol grip on 5-7-12, at approximately 10:30AM, yall’s time. I received it today (5/8/12) just before noon, Texas, time. I'm writing to tell you folks how much attention you gave my small order and I really appreciate the great service and courtesy y'all gave me. Thanks from South Texas!
  Roger C. 05/08/12
No problem with the T-PODQDR in place of regular T-POD. Thanks for making it happen.
  Ben E. 04/02/12
Good service and prices! 1st order!
  Jason G. 03/26/12
Thanks, great customer support I must say!
  NL. 03/26/12
I just received my order. I was impressed with your quick service. Great job! Thanks.
  VB. 03/08/12
Once again Mark from has been a great help and more than prompt with shipping out my orders... same day buy and same day ship; what more can you ask for. Can't thank you long as I'm into building guns, I will be buying from you guys at (thanks for the hat)....
  Tim B. 03/07/12
I was completely happy with the product and it arrived faster than I would have ever predicted. I will do business with RO again!
  Bob D. 02/28/12
Impressive, I love your shipping policy. I’ll be back for more....
  Eddie C. 02/25/12
I just want to thank you guys for your service. I have yet to see a company provide better service and shipping than BEST Hands down......thank you Mark for everything ........
  Tim B. 02/18/12
Great turn-around time, very nice upper, very happy with my first order. Thanks!
  Jim L. 02/18/12
Thank you so much for keeping me updated. I went online and submitted an order. RO Customer Support rocks!!!
  Romel V. 12/08/11
The PWS FSC30 just arrived. Probably best customer service I've ever dealt with, Thanks.
  Michael B. 04/25/11
I received your voice mail message, and I thank you for the phone call. I will be looking to buy more items in the near future to dress out my Stag 8L, RO gets the first call. Keep up the great service!!! Thanks again.
  Jim C. 03/29/11
The compensator just arrived. Wow that’s fast service, thanks for doing the switch I'm very happy… Thank You!
  James H. 03/26/11